Be Double You Productions (BDYP) provides music- & media productions:

  • compositions, arrangements & productions for multimedia.
  • compositions, arrangements & productions for artists, bands, orchestras, theater & production-compnaies.
  • (online) backing-tracks.
  • musicians for studio-sessions.

Great skill, creativity & experience ensures BDYP delivers special talylor-made music-on-demand with a distinctive identity.


A distinctively recognizable identity is essential to the succes of any business,  brand, product, campagne, radio- or tv-station, tv-series, program or film. From sound-logo’s to jingles, from commercials to theme-songs & soundtracks, music plays an essential supporting role, triggering all senses and speaking to the imagination.

Be Double You Productions produces fitting tunes for media productions (possibly in packages of various styles, in- or excluding voice-overs/vocals) that help enhance the image and the narrative of your brand, product, business, campagne and/or program. For tv-series, documentaries and film, BDYP  composes, arranges and produces unique soundtracks..

BDYP also delivers great tunes for games.

With a clear briefing from the client, BDYP adds value by translating the concept into music using the latest technology, great musical skills and a flexible attitude.. to get to  ‘the perfect fit’.

BDYP also makes compositions, arrangements and productions for artists.

The song ‘Justify/I Try’ was a BDYP initiative and (co)written for Capeverdean Kora Award winner Suzanna Lubranoas a duet with reggae-artists Kenny B. & Benaissa.
(Composition: Theo Boddeke, Jeroen De Rijk, Suzanna Lubrano, Kenneth Bron & Kenneth Linger)


Whether it’s for artists or multimedia-productions, BDYP can also deliver online backing-tracks in a variety of music-styles, for all kinds of purposes…

whether purely piano & keys or a complete orchestra, possibly even played by live musicians.

Place your request with a clear briefing and you will get back strong well arranged backing tracks in formats i.e. .AIF of .WAV.

For recording i.e. for singles or cd’s, BDYP can deliver Theo Boddeke as piano/keyboard-player and can also mediate for other musicians.

Thus Theo Boddeke has played on various singles and cd’s of Kora Award winning artist Suzanna Lubrano.